Our Solutions

Brand Building

In business, your brand is your identity, and in today’s hyper-competitive world it is more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Fix Radio offers a wide range of options to help build, define and strengthen your brand among UK tradespeople; ensuring that when they need your product or service you are the one they turn to.


Re-branding, if executed poorly, can leave customers confused and unaware of the change. Fix Radio has helped several businesses through this process guiding customers through the transition and strengthening their brands value for years to come..


Fix Radio can help introduce products and services in new and engaging ways. Through coordinated messaging across our network we can highlight USP’s, purchase channels and directly drive awareness within the community. What better way to show off a new product than to put it directly in your customers hands with one of our Promotional tours!


Fix Radio help companies build targeted data sets. Through our targeted activity both online and on the ground we can help you directly reach out to niche audiences within the construction industry and build GDPR compliant data sets for conversion or re-marketing.


Fix Radio Tour packages include the option to directly target key accounts, by visiting specific locations of your choice.

This can be used in many different ways including; rewarding high performing branches, strengthening relationships ahead of category reviews; creating brand new opportunities for growth and many more.


Fix Radio are partners with several of the UK’s largest construction industry trade shows, we regularly broadcast live from these events and offer unique packages specifically tailored to drive footfall and optimise on-the-day engagement.